Our Covid-19 protocol:

At door2door we are playing our role in reducing the spread of Covid-19 by implementing measures deemed effective by local public health officials. 

Here is a summary of the actions we are taking:

Physical Distancing

  • Unless required for medical reasons, passengers are seated in the back seat
  • No more than two passengers - must be from the same household
  • Face masks (surgical-type, disposable) are available
  • Hand sanitizer is provided

Driver Health

  • Daily screening for symptoms
  • Temperature taken at start of each work day

Passenger Health

  • Screened for symptoms
  • Household exposure risk assessed 
  • Passengers deemed high risk will be required to wear a face mask (provided). 

Vehicle Cleanliness

  • Commonly touched surfaces are cleaned prior to pick up and after drop off
  • Cabin air is not recirculated
  • All windows are opened at pick up and after drop off

For more specific details about any of these items, please contact us directly.

All of us at door2door want to do our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by taking these additional steps.