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Our Medical/Rehab transportation serves individuals recovering from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle or work related accident. 

Your recovering clients will get personalised service taxi cannot deliver, at comparable rates! 

We now offer attendant services for clients that need additional support while in the community. Contact us for details. 

With each new referral, one of our experienced assessors will meet with the client to gain a fuller understanding of that client's needs. Our goal is to remove the hurdle of transportation so your clients can focus on their recovery and rehabilitation.

door2door works closely with individual insurance adjusters, rehab professionals and legal professionals to find the appropriate transportation solution for their clients.

door2door drivers have experience working with clients that have mobility issues, traumatic head injuries, road anxiety and other conditions that hinder their everyday life functions. 

Our Med/Rehab passengers can independently book their insurer approved transportation with door2door using their preferred method of communication, including text messaging, phone, online form and email.

Our scheduling coordinator communicates with all parties involved to avoid unnecessary trips or to combine several appointments into one day to lower transportation costs.

door2door coordinators communicate with all providers involved to verify appointments, note scheduling changes, encourage clients to attend therapy sessions, and note progress and regression in condition. Let door2door be part of your rehab team.

All this at rates comparable to a standard taxi! 

Service formerly administered in Southern Ontario by Go Rehab.