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Salty Carpets

Another harsh winter left its mark on your vehicle's interior. Spring has finally arrived and what to do about all the crusted up salt on your car’s mats and carpet? 

There are 3 basic approaches to removing salt stains from your car's interior:

  1. Do nothing and get used to them
  2. Contact your local detailer
  3. Take a wam May afternoon to get winter out!

Each of these approaches have pros and cons, outlined below. However, if you have few hours to spare on a nice warm weekend in May, option 3 is best suited for you. 

Do nothing

Simply get used to the salt stains knowing that there’ll be another winter with more salt stains in the spring. After a couple of winters you may be able to open a salt mine. The clear advantage of this approach is: no effort required. However, the cons of leaving the salt around include premature corrosion, unpleasant appearance and odour.

Get someone else to do deal with it

Get your local professional car detailing service to get your interior looking new. You will have to pay a little extra to deal with salt, expect to pay somewhere in the range of $150-$200 but you’ll get your car back looking as new as is possible. Be ready to part with your vehicle for a larger part of the day and remember to take out all your valuables before dropping it off.

Do it yourself

There is satisfaction in getting down and dirty and making your ride looking great. Doing it yourself means you can spread the work out over time, plus there is something meditative about cleaning. 

Getting salt out is tedious but it can be done:

  • Remove the mats and you may notice the carpet underneath is moist. If you can open the doors and have the sun do the drying for you, great! A hairdryer is a solution if you are pressed for time or lack sun.

  • Scrape as much of the crusted on salt as you can using a butter knife. Vacuum up the crumbs. Scrape and vacuum again. The goal is to remove as much salt without using any chemicals as possible and for some people this is sufficient.

  • Use a product like Salt Eraser to soak and remove the remaining stains. Generally this will not completely remove every bit of salt but you are getting pretty close.

  • Steam clean the carpet for the most exceptional results. You may already have a steam carpet cleaner at home; you can use it in your car as well. If not, wait for a sale and pick one up as you will find yourself using it every spring.