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Winter driving tip

Is your car heater not pumping out as hot of air as it used to? Over time the efficacy of your heater may decrease due to clogging of your vehicles heater core. The metal tubing inside your vehicle’s cooling system does flake off small particles which can clog up the thin radiator fins in your heater core which in turn slow down the flow of hot radiator fluid.  

The simplest solution is to have a cooling system flush preformed at your local car shop making sure that the thermostat is turned all the way up while the flush is being performed. The technicians may forget to set the thermostat to the hot position, especially if you get the flush performed in the summer months.

For ultimate results, you can ask your shop to perform a separate heater core flush. In this procedure the tubing to the heater core is unplugged and a fluid flush is performed separately. Once these procedures are done, fresh cooling fluid is added. The cost of these procedures will cost between $90 and $150 dollars and will keep you and your passengers nice and warm for many winters to come.

Be safe and keep warm.